Our Philosophy

Our name is inspired by the Japanese novelist Kawabata Yasunari. During one of his travels, he wakes up one night at 4am and finds the begonia flowers by his bedside was open. Carrying a gentle fragrance that spreads across the room. Moved by this scene, he realised nature’s beauty has no limit yet there is a limit to how much we appreciate as humans.

Like Yasunari, we also believe it is up to us to discover the understated, timeless charm this world offers. Each of us explores, create and enjoy little wonders in our daily lives. The idea is to bring all these quieter wonders together via our platform. Sharing them with the world to inspire more beautiful journeys.


Our Story

We are Zhu and Tina, two friends living in London. We love visiting places that brings a sense of calm and a different perspective, rather than a tick box approach. 

Silent Blooms is our journey to enrich the travel experience for ourselves and likeminded readers. We aim to create a curated information exchange befitting our philosophy. Everyone who is a reader can also be a contributor. Over a longer term, we hope to utilise data and technology to recommend personalised travel plans for users.  

We see beauty in simplicity, if you do too, join us on our journey. 


We cannot get anywhere close to what we want to achieve without the help of contributors. These wonderful creative people selflessly share with us their secret oasis, we honour that trust by giving credit where credit is due. We do not limit locations, and there is no obligation to contribute over time.

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Please note we only work with vendors that are consistent with our values, and our recommendations are subject to our independent views.


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