Discover Hidden Gems Competition

We would like to invite you to share the hidden gems you have discovered across the globe - through your lens. Submit them by 16th Dec and the winner would get £90. Your “hidden gems” could be anything from a quiet park tucked away from the hustle of the city, to a little-known shop filled with treasures, to a boutique cafe around the corner.

How do we select the winner?

  • From Monday 26th of Nov, we will start posting images selected from existing submissions (1 image from each submission)

  • All qualifying posts would have been published on our Instagram by Dec 20th.

  • The post with the most ‘likes’ by Sat Dec 22nd 10am GMT will be the winner, and it will be announced on our Instagram account at around 12 noon.

  • The prize will be £90 for the winner, and will be paid via Paypal.

How to participate in the competition?

  • Submission deadline: 16th Dec 2018, 23:59 UK Time

  • Save your image as JPG with the highest image quality setting, and send to:; (you can also submit via dropbox, or other online shared folders)

  • Submit 3-6 photos of your chosen place. At lease one photo must be in landscape format.

  • Please give some details of your chosen place, including:

    • Name, location and address of the place

    • Brief description to tell us why you like the place

  • We would also like to get to know more about you

    • Your full name and your base city

    • Three words about you (could be things your like, your aesthetics)

    • Links to your social media account, and a short biography (optional)

Please note all submission will be checked by our team, only those with style consistent with our house style and philosophy will be accepted and qualified for the competition. You can get a good feel of the type of submissions we accept at our website

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