Contributor Focus: Studio Tour with July Adrichem

Studio-Atelier JULY®8.jpg
Studio-Atelier JULY®6.jpg

How long have you been in this lovely studio space?

In May 2018 I started working in my new studio space. It’s located in ‘De Hallen Amsterdam’. This is a large-scale center for crafts, fashion, media and culture, located in a beautiful old building in the West area of Amsterdam. Because the studio is located within the showroom of the Interior Design studio Grand & Johnson (also a must visit!), the beautiful look & feel was already there. They did a great job with the interior design. I only had to place my furniture pieces and work tables in the studio, so it was a great start! I love working there, being around creative people, supporting each other and having like minded people around me.

What tool and pieces in the studio is really special to you?

The studio is my creative workplace, a kind of white ‘canvas’ where new ideas and concepts come to life. Often I experiment with materials, to create new textures and colours to adjust in my artwork or other designs. I have two black wooden worktables in the studio, which are partly covered in white plaster from all the works I already made, and I really love that contrast. It creates a vivid surface and becomes more alive. When I travel, a wooden door, a plaster wall, a window grid or other materials, structures and shapes can inspire me a lot to create new art pieces.

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What does a typical day in the studio looks like?

When I start my day in the studio, I first open my laptop to do some digital work. I work for several small businesses as a freelancer, where I do the Art direction, pattern designs and other creative work. After some digital work I open my Instagram page with my saved images; my inspiration ‘wall’, and start behind my work table, mixing ink colours, testing it on paper, creating new shapes for the Relief series or just start with the orders from the Artworks.

Photographs and Words by: July Adrichem