45R Badou-R

Category     Clothes Flagship Store

3 Words       Denim | Craftsmanship | Quality 

Price            ££££

Area             Omote-sando, Minato-ku

Address       King Homes Aoyama 1F, 6-5-36
Minamiaoyama, Tokyo  MAP

Nearest        Omote-sando Station
Station          12 mins walk from Exit A5

Opening       11:00 - 19:00
Hours           Closed on Tuesdays

Duration       1 Hour

Contact        Email | +81 3-5778-0045

Links            Web | Instagram | Facebook

45R is a Japanese boutique brand that aims to create quality clothes in harmony with the seasons. Initially a denim company, 45R creates casual style clothes with a strong focus on craft. Using traditional dying techniques, shades of indigo dominates the brand's lookbooks season after season. In striving to make the best quality clothes for its customers to wear for a very long time, 45R chose material first designs later. Even t-shirts can take around 1 year to produce, passing through the hands of many artisans in the making process. As a result, its products are often available in limited numbers.

Its Badou-R Flagship store located in a residential area not far from the Nezu Museum, built in the style of a traditional house, its interiors and exteriors designed to reflect the brand philosophy perfectly. It was truly a pleasure to browse at ease in such an environment. 

T-shirts from ¥ 5,000, Dress from ¥ 30,000, Jeans from ¥ 25,000 with free repair for 4.5 years.

UPDATE - In 2019 July, 45R moved their flagship store, the photos above are from the old flagship store, however the address shown is the current address.

Photographs by | Hiroyuki Sugawara
Words by | Silent Blooms team





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