Buacheen Brew Bar

Category     Cafe

3 Words       Local | Cosy | Relaxing

Price            £ - ££

Area            Chiang Mai

Address       2/8-1 Chang Moi Kao Road,
Chiang Mai 50300, MAP 

Opening       9:00 - 17:00 Mon - Sun
Hours          Closed on Wed

Duration       1 Hours

Contact        Email

Links            Facebook

Near Tha Pae Gate, one of the most famous landmarks in Chiang Mai, the first eye-catching coffee shop that you can easily notice is a Starbucks Tha Pae branch. But if you walk through the alley behind it, there is a hidden coffee cafe named "Bua Cheen". You can find a great fresh cup of coffee and enjoy it with cozy atmosphere. There are various coffee menus you can choose which include from expresso machine and drip filter and together with homemade bakery made by the owner herself. Her recommended menu is bacon&cheese scone. And I would like to introduce you another one that I love, banana cheese cake. Moreover, next to the cafe, there is The Localist craft community, a handmade shop that you can stop by.

You won't feel bored since you can enjoy the taste of the coffee which is served with barista's care and effort and go shopping some handmade stuff as a souvenir. This place is not only suit for reading books, sitting and chill. But you can also have a chit-chat with the owner who is very friendly. Try to visit once and I can assure that you will be impressed it!

Photographs by | Nookky
Words by | Nookky  



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