Cafe Les Jeux

Category     Cafe

3 Words       Vintage | Charming | Nostalgic

Price            £-££

Area             Omote-sando, Minato-ku

Address       5-9-5 Minami Aoyama,
                    Tokyo 107-0062  MAP

Nearest        Omote-sando Station
Station          2 mins walk from Exit B1

Opening       11:00 - 23:00 Mon - Sat
Hours           12:00 - 22:00 Sun & Holidays

Duration       1 Hour

Contact        +81 3-3499-6297

Links            Web | Instagram 

Tucked away on a 2nd floor in a side alley of the popular shopping distinct of Minami Aoyama, time seems to sit still at Cafe Les Jeux since its opening in 1976. Its smoke-stained walls, dark wood vintage furniture and collection of small objects that looks to have been collected slowly over the decades gives a charming and cosy feel. Helped by the dim, warm lights and soothing jazz, it's a sanctuary away from the luxury apparel stores and rushed shoppers, for a moment of rest or wandering thoughts. 

While the food menu remains mostly unchanged over the years, its grilled ham and cheese sandwich is simple yet deliciously satisfying (¥ 850). The drinks menu is sure to delight the most hardcore of coffee fans, be it classic servings, modern twists or seasonal summer inventions. Its focus on aged, dark roasted beans with a touch of bitter smokiness leaves a lasting impression of this humble cafe.

Photographs by | Hiroyuki Sugawara
Words by | Silent Blooms team





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