Clamp Coffee Sarasa

Category     Specialist Coffee

3 Words       Vintage | Plants | Rustic

Price            £ - ££

Area             Nijo Castle, Nakagyo-ku

Address       67-38, Nishinokyo Shokushicho
                    Kyoto 604-8381 MAP

Nearest        Nijo Station JR
Station         7 mins walk East

Opening       08:00 - 18:00
Hours           Closed on Weds

Duration       1 Hour

Contact        Email | +81 75-822-9397

Links            Website | Instagram

Nestled away in an alley full of greenery, one of those you didn't think will lead anywhere but you walk in attracted by the tangles of lush vines. It may take you a few looks to find the front door, but once you a hidden gem awaits. The interior of the cafe is rustic but comfortable, somewhere workshop like. It's very relaxing to have a coffee there on the large communal table.

Cafe Sarasa is a popular small cafe chain that first opened its doors nearly 35 years ago. It operates six little cafes, each store has its unique dishes and atmosphere, five of its stores serves traditional Japanese style coffee, with one located in a former Sento (bathhouse). Each of them is loved by the locals, mostly due to the thoughtfulness of its staff. Clamp is the brainchild of Mr. Tomonori, who started his coffee journey hand roasting beans, then selling roasted beans at markets. This lead to a partnership with Cafe Sarasa, now all beans used at Cafe Sarasa is roasted right there at Clamp.

Check out the delicious cakes on offer as well. Also not to be missed is the stunning vintage-fairytale-like plant shop Cotoha upstairs. Speciality coffee and tea from ¥ 450, honey toast at ¥ 250 (recommended).

Photographs by | David at Kinlake
Words by | Linda at Kinlake




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