Kaikado Café

Category     Traditional Tea Craft

3 Words       Copper | Traditional | Tea

Price            £ - ££

Area             Sumiyoshichō  

Address       600-8143 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi,
Shimogyō-ku, Sumiyoshichō  MAP 

Nearest        Kyoto Station
Station          11 mins walk

Opening       10:30 - 18:30 Fri-Wed
Hours           CLOSED Thu

Duration       1 - 2 Hours

Contact        +81 75-353-5668

Links            Web | Facebook

Hand-crafting copper, tin and brass tea-caddies since 1875, and brewing tea since 2016 at its café, which is a short stroll from its small workshop and flagship store in Kyoto’s Kawarmachi district. Set in a 90-year-old listed building, the former home of old city-tram warehouse, the cafe is a perfect showcase of heritage blended with modern design. Oak furnishing adores the high ceiling space, and copper lights paying respect to the copper tea-caddies that Kaikado is so well known for.

If you are interested in the Tea Candy themselves, see words by co-owner of Native & Co, whom have personally travelled to its workshop to understand

“The Kaikado tea caddy was first crafted by Kiyosuke Kaikado in the Edo era, when it was commonplace to store tea in jars made from china and earthenware. The tea ceremony, which is known to have originated from Kyoto, was an essential part of everyday life. Kaikado first designed the caddy as a way of respecting such traditions, which left a lasting impression on both locals and tea dealers.

Kaikado tailor made each tea caddy to meet the needs of every individual and to provide a means of storage for various types of tea leaves. The precision inherent in the hand-made process of the tea caddies is unique to Kaikado. Soon after, Kaikado tea caddies were not only used in Kyoto but also throughout Western Japan.”

Photographs by | Kaikado
Words by | Silent Blooms team, Native & Co





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