Maana Homes

Category     Vacation Rental

3 Words       Renovated | Craftsmanship | Inspire

Price            £££

Area             Shimogyo-ku

Address       33-5 Chudoji Kitacho                                               Kyoto 600-8812  | MAP |

Nearest        Tambaguchi Station
Station          5 mins walk Northwest

Check In       15:00 Check in
Times            11:00 Check out

Size        2 beds, 2 bathrooms

Sleeps Up to 7 people

Contact        Email

Links             Web | Instagram | Airbnb

Maana Homes is a renovated 100 years old townhouse, located in a residential area away from the swarms of tourists but close enough to easily explore the city. Designed to be an inspiration retreat that also feels like home, the creators wanted guests to experience a simple yet meaningful way of life, hoping to inspire not just an unforgettable experience but also a mindset. Throughout the renovation, the house's original character was kept intact as much as possible. Change of layout was used to maximise the light that fills the house, and new features added that is suitable for the modern life. The renovated home is also a celebration of traditional art forms that still exist today, by way of showcasing furniture and fixtures made by local artisans and craftsmen.

The story of Maana Homes began one starry night in Spain, over some wine and scribbles on a restaurant napkin. Travelling together were two friends, a hospitality designer from LA and a creative director from NY who were tired of cookie-cutter hotels. Inspired by numerous beautiful and unique homes around the world, they begin drafting a business plan to create a collection of boutique homes that offers warm hospitality in well designed home-like spaces that draws inspiration from its local history and culture.

Per night rate around USD $350 to $450.

Photographs by | Maana Homes
Words by | Silent Blooms team





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