Nijo-koya Coffee

Category     Cafe

3 Words       Vintage | Hidden | Nostalgic

Price            £

Area             Nijo Castle, Nakagyo-ku

Address       382-3 Mogami-cho
                    Kyoto 604-8303  MAP

Nearest        Nijojo-Mae Station
Station          2 mins walk

Opening       11:00 - 20:00
Hours           Closed on Tuesdays

Duration       30 Mins - 1 Hour

Contact        +81 90-6063-6219

Links            Instagram | Facebook

Hidden away in a small side alley in the residential area located south of the UNESCO World Heritage Nijo Castle, Nijokoya Coffee bar offers a quiet, intimate space to refuel with a cup of coffee and quick bites. In an almost shed-like charming old house next to a parking space, it could easily be mistaken for a storage room without the enlarged coffee sign. Once inside, customers are rewarded with the fragrance of brewing coffee and soft jazz music. Watching coffee being served at the standing bar counter is almost therapeutic in the old-school interior, plenty of lovely details for the eyes to feast on. Time certainly feels slower here.

Speciality coffee at ¥ 400 - ¥ 500. Food is of great value here, a cake is around ¥ 200, hot sandwich around ¥ 400. Cash only. 

Photographs by | Jane Paphavasit
Words by | Silent Blooms team





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