Sakurai Tea

Category     Japanese Artisan Tea Experience

3 Words       Tea | Zen | Tradition 

Price            ££

Area             Omote-sando, Minato-ku

Address       5F Spiral Building,
                    5-6-23 Minami Aoyama,
                    Tokyo 107-0062  MAP

Nearest        Omote-sando Station
Station          2 mins walk from Exit B1

Opening       11:00 - 20:00
Hours           Weekday until 23:00 for Tea

Duration       1 - 2 Hours

Contact        Email | +81 3-6451-1539

Links            Web | Instagram | Facebook

Reservation - Recommended, via Facebook

An intimate tea bar that sits 8 people, in a quiet space the tea master prepares tea using traditional utensils in movements that has a rhythm to it, dressed like an alchemist at work but feels more like a performer creating silent art. Although moments away from the busy and bustling streets of the Omote-sando, this part-shop part-teahouse space sits in total contrast. While the interior carrying a subtle material palette of dark wood, stone and copper creates the contemporary canvas for the showcase of traditional tea practice.

The creator Shinya Sakurai has spent more than 10 years working with tea to train as a tea master. He has modelled Sakurai Tea Experience on the concept of tea being used as medicine, as was the case hundreds of years ago. Shinya travels all over Japan to source the best quality tea leaves, resulting in the 50+ kinds of tea being offered on sale or for taste, as well as house-blended tea cocktails. 

Single tea starts at ¥ 800. Full tea tasting course at ¥ 4,800.

Photographs by | Hiroyuki Sugawara
Words by | Silent Blooms team





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