Category     Boutique & Vegan Cafe

3 Words       Antique | Wonder | Calm

Price            ££

Area             Kita-ku

Address       41 Shichiku Shimotakedonocho,
                    Kyoto 603-8412 MAP

Nearest        Shimogishi-cho Bus Stop
Station         Bus No. 9 or 46

Opening       11:00 - 18:00
Hours           Closed on Mondays

Duration       1 - 2 Hours

Contact        Email | +81 75-286-7296

Links            Website | Instagram

Stardust is a place that is out of the ordinary. The moment you get in you will feel it. Everything about it is pure serendipity. Its beautiful name was inspired by Astrophysics. "Like all elements of the universe, did you know that your body is made of stardust?"

Owner Kana Shimizu stumbled across the current site that had previously been a weaver's workshop. Lovingly renovating and turning it to a boutique shop at the front selling a selection of beautiful things, and vegan and raw food cafe at the back. "Although Stardust opened as a small business, but has grown to have a deeper purpose as a place for people to connect to a wider world of creativity and peace.”

The cafe comes with high ceilings with textured walls and an ethereal type of light beaming in, making you feel like time has stopped. Handcrafted ceramics and textiles carefully adorn every corner. The owner has a gracious presence, is kind-hearted and greets people with a slow, warm voice. You can have an exquisite tea there as well as a slice of homemade raw cake, served on handcrafted plates and vintage crockery. Upon reservation, Stardust’s owner also cooks homemade vegetarian food made of seasonal greens from her friend’s garden.

Organic coffee ¥ 600, and tea from ¥ 650 per pot, raw cakes around ¥ 750. Lunch (to be reserved 1 day in advance) at ¥ 1,500.

Photographs by | David at Kinlake (Cafe), Stardust (Shop)
Words by | Linda at Kinlake




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