Wife & Husband Coffee

Category     Cafe and Picnic

3 Words       Antique | Family | Nostalgic

Price            £-££

Area             Near Shimogamo Jinja, Kita-ku

Address       106-6, Shimouchikawara-cho,
                    Koyama, Kyoto 603-8132  MAP

Nearest        Kitaoji Station
Station         5 mins walk from Exit 5

Opening       10:00 - 17:00
Hours           Check open days here

Duration       1 - 2 Hours

Contact        +81 75-201-7324

Links             Web | Instagram | Facebook

For the cafe, reservation is recommended as inside of cafe sits 8, of which 4 is counter seats.

The story behind Wife & Husband Coffee reads like a modern romantic tale. On their first date, Ikumi and Kyoichi roasted coffee beans together, ever since that day they try to live a simple and joyful life. While looking for a home for their family by the Kamo river, they discovered this old little house which had been vacant for a long time. Just like time have stopped. They decided to make this their permanent home, to nurture their young family, and to open a small cafe sharing their simple life philosophy, and love for coffee. 

Decorated with antiques, souvenirs and beautiful things they have collected from years of travelling, it's easy to lose track of time sitting beneath the ceiling adorned with bouquets of dried flowers. But that would be time well spent in this little room that is worlds apart from the outside. The menu offers several single roast beans and one house blend named "Daughter". The food menu is simple but pairs well with its coffee. On a nice day, we highly recommend their picnic option. Rent a picnic set and maybe some stools, sipping coffee by the Kamo river is the essence of the good life in Kyoto.

Speciality coffee from ¥ 550. Honey Cheese Toast at ¥ 400. Picnic set at ¥ 1,000.

Photographs by | Jane Paphavasit
Words by | Silent Blooms team





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